Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

Thank you for choosing our IPTV service at We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of our refund policy. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

  • Refunds: After activation, we do not offer any refunds or perform modifications to your IPTV subscription. Once the subscription is activated, it is considered as delivered and fulfilled. Please review your order details before making a purchase.

  • Subscription Activation: Upon successful purchase, we will activate your IPTV subscription within 24 hours. You will receive a screenshot of the activated subscription to the email address provided during the order process. This screenshot serves as proof of activation for the agreed-upon period.

  • Device Information: It is important to provide us with accurate information regarding the device type on which you intend to use your IPTV subscription. This helps us ensure compatibility and deliver the correct format. If you fail to provide device information in the order notes, we will activate and send an M3U list by default. Please note that we cannot change the format from M3U to any other format after activation.

  • Content and Related Issues: We want to clarify that, as an IPTV service provider, we do not have control over the content provided or any related issues. The availability, quality, and stability of IPTV channels and content can vary due to various factors beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any dissatisfaction or issues related to the content itself.

  • Contact Us: If you have any inquiries or questions regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We are here to assist you and address any concerns you may have.  email: [email protected]